About Us

A graduate of the Camondo Paris School in 2009, Jordane Arrivetz has so far collaborated with great names in fashion, architecture and design, such as Louis Vuitton, Noah Duchaufour Lawrence, or Charlotte Perelman.

Today in search of creative independence, she shares with and for you her experience in a plurality of domains: Interior architecture, object design, decoration and scenography.


Its roots and passions have immersed it very early in the universe of architecture, design, aesthetics, purism and noble materials, a sensibility that presides over all of its work.

His experiences in Asia, Latin America and Europe have shaped his openness and coping skills.

The young architect also draws inspiration from a broad design culture, including the years 50 and 60.


His work aims above all to give a strong identity to a place, by the use of simple elements that transcend space. In a spirit of listening and exchange, it is a matter of emphasizing the effectiveness of a unique and sophisticated concept, to superfluous forms.

Because the materials and the sobriety of the forms carry in them a remarkable symbolic potential, it puts them at the heart of their projects and the stories they tell.


Jordane Arrivetz renovates and agency of the apartments, creates concepts and makes sales spaces, scenarios of ephemeral places, designs furniture. Whether it is a place of life, of demonstration, or of work, it develops its projects in an innovative and creative way, in order to allow each client to interpret and transfomer his ideas in reality.