Kitchen Furniture Ideas For The 2018

The kitchen is a room in your home where you can express your creativity: not only by cooking elaborate dishes, but also by creating a harmonious, classy and balanced interior design. While kitchen furnishing ideas regarding white kitchens or a single environment are fashionable already for a while now, there are many other modern kitchen furnishing ideas to keep in mind. The variety of new kitchen furnishings is wide, so you can choose from different ideas to furnish your home kitchen. This is why I realized this article, in which I will present 6 ideas of kitchen furnishing and show some photos of kitchens, in order to have in mind a concrete image about the kitchen furnishings…

You can get inspiration by reading the article and find ideas on how to furnish a suitable kitchen to improve the decoration of your home. However, always remember that not everything has to follow the same style.

Now let’s take a look at the latest kitchen furnishing ideas:

The new colors for the kitchen will cover a natural look and a certain connection with nature. You can choose from different colors. The result is a new furniture with a balanced look and a quiet environment, based on the authenticity of the design choices. Most of the new kitchen furnishing solutions of the 2018 suggest pastel colors to furnish a kitchen, plus soft colors with a natural twist such as beige, pink, darker greens or shades of gray. These colors will be very popular for design kitchens. You can even choose a color that fits well with wood to improve its natural appearance, not only in furniture entirely in wood, but also in some colors of color. However, be careful not to exaggerate if you want to create a cozy lounge, inspired primarily by natural design for a wellness area!

Trendy accessories for the kitchen

It is not surprising that modern ideas about kitchen furnishings also consider accessories as essential furnishing complements for kitchens. We can conceive the trendy accessories in 2018, as additional elements to the composition of the color and to the choices of furnishing. In These terms, the kitchen accessories will add some shiny accents and touches of glamorous color to the environment. The gold and copper-coloured accessories will be very fashionable, and will create a contrast with the natural colours of the main parts of the interior design. The same applies to the larger parts, such as the colours of the walls or the painted wooden elements. Elegant ceiling fixtures with golden finish will be essential for kitchen furnishing ideas. Remembering the typical Moroccan style will add a touch of originality to your interior design. Try to create a balance between your color choices, with some metallic accents to furnish the kitchen in your home!

Creative motifs: geometric motifs are trendy

In addition to the traditional ideas of kitchen furnishings, there are some modern trends that have become important ideas on how to furnish a modern kitchen. The creative motifs (geometric) For example, are suitable designs not only for coloured cutlery, but also for larger kitchen furnishings. A kitchen cabinet with a triangular wooden motif has a very elegant effect on a whole kitchen d├ęcor, and can be paired with other furniture of the same model to create consistency and balance. Geometric designs on small coloured accessories will bring a little ‘ pepper to the decoration of your home. It can be said that beautiful kitchen designs are not limited to implementing ideas about large kitchens. It is not about the size, nor the complexity of the idea; Often these are simple ideas of furnishing for kitchens with wise consideration of color choices and combinations, but fundamental is also the use of creativity, to which you can give vent through enchanting motifs, even for smaller elements.

Marble Furniture

Marble is a very glamorous material that can improve the look of beautiful design kitchens. The material has a high enamel and usually appears in white, beige, black or gray, four very elegant colors. Some new models of kitchens suggest that marble can be used on kitchen tops, for example, black marble for thicker kitchen tops; You can choose white marble for an elegant and extraordinary look and complete it with another soft tone of beige or light grey. Remembering the very natural colors of the kitchen used for larger spaces, such as walls, the marble can add an extravagant and very modern twist to your kitchen. This will be one of the most popular kitchen furnishing ideas for the 2018.

Create a timeless space

The atmosphere of the modern kitchen interiors will be based on elegance with the intention of creating a timeless space. By choosing Gray and, for example, dark blue walls, elegance can be made through timeless accessories. Following the essential ideas regarding kitchens and furnishings, you can create an everlasting look through vintage furniture and accessories in your kitchen, remembering the motto: “Less is better “. This is how the implementation of new ideas for decorating the kitchen in the new kitchen furnishings can finally create a vintage look for a trendy kitchen.

Create an eco-look

The ideas about the kitchen furnishings will eventually lead us to consider nature. When you plan a new kitchen or when you choose the design of an existing kitchen, try to aim at bright touches of natural design and for your eco-friendly kitchen looks: from lighting to colors, from furniture to accessories. A good material for lamps or other elements can be bamboo, a renewable resource that grows twice as fast as the trees, releasing 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere. Teak plates and cups can be another original natural element at 100% as part of your stylistic ideas for kitchen furnishings with a natural twist! Finally, add some beautiful plants, for those ideas of greener kitchen furnishings and to enhance the feeling of bringing a piece of nature into your home.

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect TV Furniture Design

The central element of your style, the mobile TV occupies a special place, whatever the Deco style of your home. It is therefore important to choose it carefully in order to create the atmosphere that best meets your expectations. To help you choose, here for you 5 tips that will guide you in the choice!

1. Choose your Style

Whether you are a lover of Scandinavian style or vintage decoration, the salon is generally the place where you spend much of your free time, and it is therefore very important that you find yourself at ease and that you can satisfy your desires in furnishing it. First of all, it is important to think about what kind of environment you want to create: more welcoming or more contemporary? Depending on the style you choose, your choice may be totally different.

For a contemporary salon, the modern TV furniture design is a quality assurance: generally quite low and long, it will give a touch of design to your room. For example, a white and lacquered TV cabinet, with a clean look and attention to every detail, can be the perfect complement and make a touch of light in a salon. If you prefer an aesthetic instead more sober and finer, the black TV cabinet is a multipurpose model that adapts to all types of interior. If you are looking for a more retro or vintage environment, the mobile TV industrial design could be the best option for you: With its authentic style, the wood and the glossy metal adapts easily to a low table of the same style and to a leather sofa.

2. Pay attention to the choice of materials

The materials used to create your mobile TV design ensure both the unique style for the excellent durability. With accurate finishes, solid wood will surely make it adaptable to modern interiors as well as to the surroundings of a bohemian countryside. Very fashionable, the teak TV cabinet is a versatile choice that resists over time, as well as solid oak wood. Another option can be the mobile TV in pine, generally better adaptable to more comfortable environments, as to be put next to a nice furniture, although the teak may seem more industrial.

But in addition to wood, it is not difficult that you happen to find a metal TV cabinet in a loft: The association of these two materials is frequent in this type of decorations and the environment begins to have a retro look. But just as the eye wants its part, it is also important to consider that the materials of your furniture are a guarantee of durability and quality. In most cases, a mobile TV is easy to hold, but the care reserved to the finishes can make the difference between a piece of furniture that will spoil easily and another that lasts in time keeping its style intact.

3. Do not forget the practical aspect!

The functional aspect is not absolutely to forget in the choice of your furniture design! Some TV furniture design can also serve you to keep in order your items, such as the services of dishes or linen (but because even not CD or DVD, if you have). With their drawers and compartments, all the spaces of your furniture can be used as if they were in a cupboard, according to the height that you will be most comfortable.

In smaller spaces, you could for example have a shot of lightning for a larger TV cabinet, to avoid adding even a large cupboard in the living room. Be careful in this case not to choose a model too low, which will offer little space inside: surely a higher model will do more to your case.

Always in regard to the practical aspect, some models are equipped with a space to make you passari the cables, avoiding that some unfortunate wire face tripping one of your guests. These small accessories are practical both for the versatile aesthetic aspect that can give your rooms as much as to protect your cables from accidents.

4. Arrange your storyline with judgement

If you spend a lot of time in front of your mobile and your TV, then even the height of your furniture will acquire a fundamental aspect, and it can have a significant impact on your comfort and your health. In a general way, the more a TV cabinet is, the more it will have to be put away from your couch: if it is put too close, it will certainly have a negative effect on your cervical, and in the long term it will hurt you. Once you have made yourself comfortable in your couch, your eyes should be about half the height of the screen in order not to create problems. Note that if you have a plasma TV, you will need to put it at a greater distance than if it were a traditional TV to protect your eyes. The position of your mobile can also have an impact on the comfort of your vision: If the TV has been placed too close to a window or at the wrong angle, the reflections may prevent you from seeing a movie on your screen. Solve the problem at the base, trying to predict at most how the end result will be. If you have any doubts about the best position to choose, you could also choose a mobile TV with wheels for greater flexibility and the possibility to move it always according to the use!

5. Think well of your Deco accessories

Very often, the TV cabinet is long enough to accommodate both the TV and some Deco accessory. It is therefore the perfect case to embellish your salon with elements that emphasize the style of the room. If you love Scandinavian style, for example, you could put a vase in style from the motives behind your TV, or in an open part of the furniture. But if your style is closer to the loft style, a glossy metal lamp will be the perfect complement to your wooden and metal furniture! You could also create a game of symmetries by choosing your accessory en pendant on either side of your television (if you have enough space) or instead opt for a less rigid aesthetics by putting all the accessories on one side.

Rustic Oak Furniture for Your Interior

Start a New year and the 2017 part with a new trend in interior design. This year’s trend pushes the combination of traditional and modern styles to create a look that will amaze your guests. This year’s decorative trends are based on natural tones, combined with rustic oak furniture. Are you curious to know more about the new trend related to rustic furniture? Or would you like to give a fresh new look to your home by combining pieces of oak wood furniture? This article then, is what you need!

Timeless Elegance of Oak Furniture

Rustic Oak Furniture over the years

As a material to be used for the creation of wooden furniture, oak wood has a fairly humble origin: its first uses date back to the Middle Ages in England, when it was used for the construction of tables and chairs. Considering that the majority of the population lived in poverty, the furniture was very convenient and functional and only received a paint pass as a necessary treatment. Subsequently, demand for oak furniture grew to the same extent as the middle-class development, which desired high-quality furniture. Things changed and the versatile side of Oak wood was also discovered. The rustic oak furniture began to be conceived and made with decorative touches and wonderful finishes. The Rustic oak Furniture has retained their status over the centuries: sustainable high quality furniture to leave a footprint in every interior.

Because the rustic oak furniture is never out of date

The oak wood has been used for centuries in the making of furniture. In spite of the trends and the functions of the furniture have changed over time, the oak wood still remains incredibly popular. Sustainability, as well as quality and authenticity, still predominate in the decorative styles of each house. This is why the wood of Querci remains a renowned material for rustic furniture.

Functionality of Rustic Oak Furniture

An important aspect in an interior is the presence of interesting and functional pieces of furniture. In A modern house, there is practically never a room for unused objects. Functionality is a significant aspect. The oak is very solid and is definitely a sustainable purchase, which you will enjoy for years. The Rustic oak furniture is very functional and able to withstand heavy objects. Some materials tend to lose their solidity over time, but the oak Wood will definitely last for years.

Maintenance of Rustic Oak furniture

A wooden furniture perfectly captures the attention in an interior. Unfortunately, it is also true that the consistency of the wood could be thinner over time. The rules for the maintenance of a rustic oak furniture could be discouring, but with the right tips, everything will be clearer. The following tips will be very useful to maintain the solidity of your rustic oak furniture over the years. First of all, it is very important to dry the wood in case it gets wet. Leave it wet, it will allow water to penetrate into the fibre and cause unpleasant consequences. If your furniture looks dry, cracked or too rough, then it’s time to bring it back with some wood oil. A good wood oil is essential to protect the furniture from dirt and moisture and restores its color and natural appearance.

A second life for your rustic oak furniture

An easy way to bring back your old piece of furniture is to repaint it. You can paint your furniture in a lighter or darker color, or completely revolutionate it with a bright color! This is a low cost solution to give your insides a bit of color in the colors of the moment. One of the current trends used on rustic furniture is to give a campagnolo plastered-waxed effect. This gives the cabinet a whitened appearance that highlights the grain of the wood, while the surface color continues to shine.

Rustic Oak Furniture in your interior

Whether you decide to use rustic oak furniture in a shabby chic, industrial or Scandinavian interior, you won’t be mistaken! In a modern interior, rustic oak furniture will be a perfect addition to the metal pieces, such as the design hangers, to create a beautiful contrast. If you do not want to change your interior often, rustic oak furniture is the ideal solution. Choose darker shades to match with the hottest colors of the moment. The perfect piece for a Scandinavian-style interior is for example a rustic oak table with painted base and metal feet.

Rustic Oak furniture combined with materials and colours

Choosing the right color to match your rustic oak furniture depends on your desire to accentuate the furniture or to mix it with the rest of your interior. One of the most common trends is the use of colors such as brown, green and terracotta, perfect to achieve a warmer atmosphere. These colors will be perfect with your rustic furniture, especially if you want them to complete the background of the interior. The colors of the earth are perfect to create a cozy environment. It is not only colors that heat the atmosphere, but also materials such as brass and bronze. Among the most fashionable trends, there is to mix different materials in a piece of furniture. The combination of wood and metal dated, give structure and character, which work perfectly together in different styles of interior.

It is very important to follow your own style and interior styles consistent with your personality. Do not limit yourself to imitate tendencies that do not belong to you. Your interior is and remains part and extension of your personality. Keep that in mind as you decorate your home with rustic furniture.