Rossella Jardini

The association with Moschino, its line of ready-to-wear and an apartment full of wonders: “It must have been Zen, but it has become a Suk”. Between irony and Bon Ton, the Milanese designer surprises.

At the home of a ‘Hermès ascendant Capricorn’ we had never been. Rossella Jardini welcomes us together with Charlie and Jolie, his beloved King Cavalier dogs, who sleep blissful throughout the interview. It was Franco who coined this unusual zodiacal definition. Franco is Moschino, the founder of the mythical fashion brand that revolutionated the canons of Bon Ton with its irreverent collections and full of humor. Rossella was his left and right arm for eleven years, until the death of the designer in 1994, after which he led the company another two decades to dedicate himself to artistic consultancy: I worked from Missoni and Aspesi, where I made the intern of luxury.

From the great and bright living room of the early twentieth century to two steps from Porta Venezia, seem far away the times in which they worked together by Cadette and Franco lived in an apartment of thirty-two square meters in via Crocifisso while Rossella was shuttling with Bergamo, His hometown. “I chose this House because from one of the windows on the back we see the first office that we shared at the beginning of the Moschino adventure. It was the middle of the years 80, ‘ he says. Franco was coming to work early, he left me on the desk some sketches-a trench coat, a double-breasted three buttons, a pleated skirt or a shirt with a bow-and then said ‘go ahead, complete them’.

This House went a little bit the same way. Starting from a classic tall bourgeois apartment with stuccoed ceilings and creaked wooden floors, Rossella looked forward, buying the pieces that resembled them with the freedom that has always distinguished her. Thus, entering the double hall, we come across a historic dining table signed by Osvaldo Borsani but also in the Ultragrafico karmakoma sofa by the Dutchman Edward Van Vliet. The rooms are alternated with pink walls, powder blue and light lime: “I chose the shades in the same way I work on a collection and I select the Crêpes de Chine, with the colour chart always at hand”. The bookcase that runs all along the corridor has been commissioned by Martino Gamper, a designer-carpenter who has personally presented himself to mount it: It took us a whole day. Nice guy Martino, he says.

While accompanying us on this tour of the wonders, there are the butterflies covered with butterfly desks of the duo Fornasetti-Bridges, applique in Venini Crystal and a magnificent desk lined with red leather: «Comes from the first Hermès shop in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris ‘. In his elegant white and blue look, Rossella tells of how this House – donated by King Umberto I of Savoy to the singer of the Mala Milly, his mistress – should have been Zen, white and minimal and instead has become a suk, laughs. A souk of great class, however: I am convinced that when very different objects are chosen with the same aesthetic sense everything comes back. It also happens with clothes, my great passion.

A love that has pushed her to buy another apartment just to be able to store her collection of vintage Saint Laurent, Yamamoto, Miyake and Chanel, to name just a few: I’ll have about four hundred, he tells. Besides, fashion has always been in her Dna: Every childhood memory is tied to a dress. I am reminded of a battle with mom to shorten a Scottish dress, I will have been ten or eleven years old. I won in the end. The 2015 is the year in which Jardini debuts with a line that bears his name and who immediately collects the acclaim of the international press.

His fashion is under the banner of lightness: There are men’s shirts transformed into lines and polka dots chemisier, sorbet dresses with ruffles and bows, and my caricature printed on silk pyjamas tells. The same irony of his creations is found on his profile Instagram, the social who chose to let the world know that Scarlett was back. In the daily posts, always accompanied by the hashtag #lungavitaallasignora, there are hints on the combination of patterns and colors, mood of the day and many small pearls of style to cherish. Everything with the utmost freedom, without ever taking itself too seriously: Yesterday I posted a picture in which I wore a simple white T-shirt with the inscription: ‘I am the most elegant woman I know’. It was a boom of like!