Tips For Creating a Scandinavian Design

Have you heard about the Scandinavian decor and now you want to try it? Don’t worry, here you will find the main features of a trend that seems to be timeless and that perfectly combines a natural and cozy design. Scandinavian design is often presented by two words: Minimalism and functionality. These are two important distinctions of the Nordic style to know. Seen as a must among the latest trends, Scandinavian design is based on simplicity and authenticity. Find out more by reading these tips to make your home Nordic.

The basics of Scandinavian decoration

The best materials to use

The materials are among the most important characters of Scandinavian design.

Wood is one of the most used elements in the Scandinavian style. It is used for floors, often in white color to illuminate a room, but also for tables or furniture.

The fabrics are other elements not to be overlooked, to make each house cozy. You can choose between linen, cotton or thick knit in the colors that most reflect the style of your interior.

Shades of color to choose from

I am convinced that the right shades of color used in a Scandinavian environment are the key to making a home cozy and relaxing.

It opts for pastel colors for large spaces such as walls and floors: white, beige and bright colors.

You can harmonize everything with nature-inspired colors, such as green, blue and red. These colors can be accentuated with decorative accessories such as lamps, vases and why not, a fabric sofas.

Furnishing arrangement

To balance a Scandinavian interior it is important to imagine a position that gives light and maintains at the same time a welcoming environment.

I suggest you create an open space with a clean look and graphic design but respecting the rules of Scandinavian design: functionality and ergonomics.

The spaces of your home are important, because they allow you to share your style with friends and family, especially after a busy day of work.

A dining table and comfortable modern chairs are the main elements of your living room. Especially in cold weather, you can enrich the environment with a rug.

Nature must always be the protagonist in the materials you use, but you may also opt for plants.

Scandinavian Furniture
Choose simple, natural and functional furniture

Linear furniture are fundamental in Scandinavian design furniture. They allow you to have plenty of space to store objects and arrange ornaments, such as vases, photo frames and candle holders.

Lechairs years 50 are another distinctive feature of the Nordic style, they can be matched to all your furniture pieces, such as dining tables, modern benches, modern coffee table and TV furniture. Their very recognizable form immediately recalls the typical Scandinavian interiors.

The chairs to be placed around a table, should be comfortable. The Scandinavian chairs fit your back and have a comfortable shape. This is very important for long dinners with family and friends.

How to choose your Scandinavian sofa

In every interior, the furniture is the most important pieces. In The living room, the main element is the couch, so you have to choose it carefully. The modern sofas present the elements I mentioned before, first of all comfort and efficiency.

You can start from the dimensions, not too big and not too modest.

A Scandinavian sofa is a real investment, so choose a sturdy one, so you can enjoy it for years. Flexibility is essential in Nordic design.

The perfect sofa has a natural colour, such as grey, white and beige. You can revive these colors with cushions, always in Scandinavian style.

A Scandinavian look for your interior
Choose Lamps

The Scandinavian design comes from places where the light is quite rare, so you need to compensate this lack with other sources of light.

Fortunately, there is nothing hotter than the golden lights in the living room or in the bedroom.

A small lamp on a console, or a modern floor lamps in a reading corner, a pendant lamp for your dining table and why not, a series of lights around the window?

Scandinavian lamps are often made of wood, glass, plastic or metal. You can immediately recognize its style.

White or printed furniture

White and pastel colors, as we know, are very important in a Scandinavian interior, especially when used to make your home more spacious and brighter.

Printed fabrics are also very important to get the right atmosphere, especially if you use carpets, pillows or plaids.

The colors of Scandinavian prints often have cold neutral tones, such as light blue for water, orange for the sun and Brown for the Earth.

Original wall Decorations

Although we already love the timeless style of Scandinavian furnishings in its simplicity, we must not forget the accessories. The walls allow you to make your home more personal.

In the bathroom, you could place some plants, which bring a natural spirit to the whole room.

In the entrance or in the bedrooms, you can place mirrors of different sizes.

The accessory not to forget is the wallpaper to be attacked in the living room to change the atmosphere to the bedroom.