Create The Perfect Work Station

In a world where freelance work is becoming more widespread, often concentrating home and office under the same roof can be convenient and also useful if you manage to organize efficiently. Separating from a job not yet delivered or from the last minute projects may prove difficult, but one thing is certain: the work station should also be beautiful to see, as well as practical and functional.

Work Station at Home

Organization and spaces

The first advice is to separate, as much as possible, the space that will be devoted to work from those that are generally shared by the rest of the family or that make you feel more at home. Making a seat in the living room, for example, could be counterproductive for work due to possible distractions and could limit the space available to other tenants of the house.

In addition, dividing spaces also means diversifying the hours of the day: being in the same place for many hours can be a disadvantage for creativity and achievement of its goals. Changing rooms after hours of concentration passed on a chair for a coffee or a moment’s break will be reinvigorating.

A pleasant working environment

Practicality and functionality are essential. On the other hand a work station must ensure that you have everything under control and you can reach all the objects and accessories you need without effort. Interior designer, architect, creative or simply student, no matter: regardless of the activity that will be carried out, the organization and the order are fundamental! If your desk is the place where you’ll spend most of your time, it’s also important to make this corner clipped inside your home.

Working in a neat and tidy environment will bring benefits to creativity and good humor! Finally, if you are a lover, you will have a new corner of the house to furnish and decorate from the beginning! You can then give vent to your imagination and start designing.

Design a tailored workstation

Based on the activity that takes place and its tastes in terms of style of interiors, colors and furnishings in general, you can design your own workstation to measure. There are now countless proposals for all budgets and styles available on the market, the only fundamental rule is to equip yourself with all the necessary work needed to do your homework to the fullest.

Designing a tailored workstation means customizing it. Thanks to the accessories you can make every corner of the house unique and, why not, make the classic office desk less serious and boring. Furniture and chairs in different styles and sizes complete and enrich the whole.

Back in limited budget and space

Often we would like to recreate and furnish particular corners of the house following the letter inspirations and ideas from the web and from design magazines. Even more often we find ourselves facing the reality of the facts: a limited budget and a small space to adapt to a workstation. Interior designers and creatives, however, do not give in to the first difficulties!

For a limited budget you can use and rearrange furniture already in possession: changing its use and even the color will seem to have just bought a new piece of furniture for the home! Alternatively you can opt for simple furniture and enrich the final result with accessories such as message boards, plants, frames, stationery and much more, especially if with touches of DIY.

To compensate for a limited space, you can choose retractable solutions, such as folding planes and efficient compartments for storing sheets and documents. Folding chairs can then be easily preserved when not needed and if you need space.


To begin to furnish the work station is essential to start from the basics: It is therefore the work plan, which can be realized with a desk with drawers, a table resting on some stands or a high floor for creative and architects. An ergonomic chair is important to not tire back and shoulders, especially for long sessions. To complete the area of the work surface, just add a table lamp, preferably orientable and strong light but direct on the plane, so as to enjoy the maximum brightness while working.

Among the secondary items but important to the organization you can list wall holders and organizer for sheets and invoices, as well as vintage shelves. Finally, to decorate the desk shabby, you can add accessories such as seedlings, frames with phrases and storage for stationery.

What to avoid?

To get the best result from your workstation it is important to know how to exploit natural light. Place your vintage desk so you don’t have the light of a window behind you. In this case the reflections of light could be an obstacle if you use a computer or while writing. Exploiting the external light also allows you to save money in the consumption of electricity.

Also remember to buy furniture in proportion to the space you have to have a homogeneous effect and not to fill the room with furniture of important size or, on the contrary, have unused space but exploitable if you buy furniture from the size Reduced.

Finally, thanks to Accessories that allow you to store and arrange paper work and sheets such as folders and documents, you will avoid clutter on your desk.

With this article I hope to have given you some useful tips to start thinking about the design of your home workplace. You just have to start!

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